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With over 20 years of positive recognition, DCH Certified Used Car protects your interests by providing you a transparent transaction process, making it the best platform to trade your car! The quoted price after on-site assessment has a 30-day market-exclusive validity period. The price will be freezed during the period, budgeting has never been easier.

Peace of Mind with Dah Chong Hong

[Special News] The trading of vehicle involves high volume of documents and money transactions, a potential risk for customer on a huge loss. Supported by its long-standing reputation, DCH Certified Used Car provides you with the most reliable one-stop used car trading service.

[Scoop news - Vehicle license suddenly suspended after the change of the ownership]
[ICAC Case - Driver charged with fraud over purchase of second-hand car]
[HK01 News - BMW owner sells car via online platform and almost got robbed.]
[Ming Pao News – 6 men and women got arrested for buying 13 used cars with bad cheques.]
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