Terms and Conditions

1. Agree to accept the terms

Welcome to use the services of Hong Kong Motor City ("Company"). The following are the terms of the Company terms of service ("Terms of Service"), and we will provide different services in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Terms and Conditions. We will amend the terms from time to time without having to specifically proceed with you. All revised Terms of Service will supersede the old terms on the day of public announcement and will take effect immediately. When you use different services of the Company, all parties are required to abide by the guidelines and rules for public posting (and updating of postings from time to time) for different services. These guidelines and rules form part of these Terms of Service.

2. Service Description

The Company is a service that provides users with online trading and display vehicle platforms (referred to as "the Service").

You understand and agree that the service may include advertisements which are required by the Company to provide the service. You also understand and agree that the service may include some communications from the Company , such as service announcements and administrative information, which are part of the provided the Company service and you cannot choose to stop receiving the message.

Addition, alteration or enhancement of any new features of the service (including the introduction of new value-added products) is subject to these Terms of Service, unless otherwise expressly stated. You understand and agree that this service is provided "as is" and that any user communications or personal settings are subject to statute of limitations, deletions, errors, and non-storage, and the Company is not responsible. The Company reserves the right to suspend all or part of the services for repairs, maintenance, maintenance, updates or other work deemed appropriate by the Company without prior notice to you. You must obtain this service yourself and bear third-party costs associated with it (such as Internet providers or on time), including fees associated with advertising display or transmission. In addition, you must provide all necessary equipment necessary to obtain the service and be responsible for it.

3. Your Registration Obligation

In order for you to use the service, you agree to the following:

(a) provide you with correct, accurate, truthful, up-to-date and complete information in accordance with the requirements of the Service Registry/Page (the above information is referred to as "Registration Information");

(b) Maintain and immediately update the "Registration Information" to ensure that it is correct, true, accurate, up-to-date and complete. If you provide any error, false, outdated, incomplete or misleading information, or the Company has reasonable grounds to suspect that the information provided is incorrect, false, outdated, incomplete or misleading, the Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account and to deny you all or part of the services of the service now and in the future. The Company is very concerned about the safety and privacy of all users, especially children.

(c) Upon completion of the membership registration process for this service and confirmation, you will receive a set of account numbers and passwords. You are responsible for the security and confidentiality of the account and password. You are solely responsible for all actions taken with this password and account and agree to the following: (i) You will notify the Company immediately if your password or account has been subjected to unauthorized use or any other security issue. The Company, and (ii) when you connect or finish using your account, you need to log out or close your account. If you cannot to comply with or perform any loss or damage arising from this provision, the Company shall not be liable and compensated.

4. Privacy

The "Registration Information" and other relevant information that are kept by the company and are provided by the company are subject to the regulation and supervision of the Personal Privacy Protection Ordinance and the Company's Privacy Policy. For the full text of the privacy policy, please visit the following link: https://www.dchucc.com/en/privacy-policy.

5. Member behavior

You are using the service or are aware of or have access to all information, materials, text, software, music, audio, photos, graphics, video, information or other materials (referred to as "Content") on this website, whether it is posted publicly, or private delivery is the responsibility of the content provider. In other words, the Company will not be liable for any content uploaded, posted, emailed or transmitted via by the service. The Company cannot control the content posted through the service and therefore cannot guarantee the correctness, authenticity, completeness or quality of its content. When you use the service, you may have access to unpleasant, inappropriate, and disgusting "content." In no event shall the Company be liable for any content, including but not limited to any errors or omissions in any content, and any loss or damage arising from posting, emailing or transmitting via by the service.。

You irrevocably agree not to use the Service for the following purposes:

(a) Uploading, posting, emailing or transmitting any illegal, harmful, coercive, abusive, harassing, infringing, libelous, vulgar, defamatory, libelous, infringing on the privacy of others, harmful or racially discriminatory or morally unpleasant "Content".

(b) Impersonate any person or institution, including but not limited to the Company supervisor, forum leader, moderator, or misrepresent or misrepresent the relationship with any person or institution.

(c) Falsify the title or otherwise manipulate the identifying material to disguise the source of any "content" transmitted through the Service.

(d) Any "content" that is not authorized to be transmitted under any law, deed or trust relationship (such as any information, trade secrets, proprietary or confidential information that is known or disclosed as a result of an employment contract) , posted or transmitted in any way.

(e) The content of any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary right (hereinafter referred to as "right") infringing any person is uploaded, posted or transmitted in any manner.

(f) Upload, post or otherwise transmit any advertising letter, promotional material, "spam", "spammy", "chain mail", "direct sales" or any other form of persuasive material. Or post or post a commercial message on the message board.

(g) Computer viruses designed to interfere with, disrupt or limit any computer software, hardware or communications equipment, including but not limited to ("Trojan Horses"), ("Worms"), ("Time Bombs"), ("Cancelbots") or any other computer code, files and programs, upload, post, email or transmit in any way.

(h) The rules, procedures, policies or specifications that interfere with or disrupt the service or the servers and networks connected to the service, or that do not comply with the service connection network.

(i) Collect and store personal data of other users; if the personal data is properly stored and used in accordance with the relevant personal data protection regulations, this is not the case.

(j) Use the website for any illegal organization or activity.

(k) Transfer or sell member services or materials to third parties in any form.

You understand that the Company does not review all Contents in advance, but the Company or its designees have the right (but not the obligation) to refuse and remove them through the Service at their own discretion or consideration. Any "content". Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Company or its designee has the right to remove any Content that is in violation of these Terms of Service and is objectionable. When you use any Content, including the reliance on the correctness, completeness, authenticity or usefulness of the foregoing Content, you agree that you must evaluate it yourself and assume all risks. Accordingly, you agree that you shall not rely on any Content created or accepted by the Company, including but not limited to other parts of the Service.

You understand that the technical processing and delivery of the Service, including your Content, may be (a) transmitted via various networks and (b) changed in order to comply with and comply with the technical requirements of the connected network or device.

6. General measures for use and storage

You acknowledge that general measures and restrictions regarding the use of the service the Company may include, but are not limited to, the maximum period during which the Service will retain messages, bulletin board content or other uploads of Content, and may be sent and received in one account of the Service. The number of messages will be limited, as well as the maximum number of times you use the service during a specific period of time (and the maximum time per use). You agree that the Company shall not be liable if any of the messages or other communications or other "contents" maintained or transmitted by the Service are deleted or not stored by the Company. You also agree that the Company reserves the right to close, revoke or delete accounts that have not been used for a long time. You also agree that the Company has absolute powers to consider these measures and restrictions at any time, regardless of whether you have notified you beforehand.

7. Service modification

The Company, regardless of whether notice is given or not, the Company reserves the right to modify, change or terminate the Service (or any part thereof) temporarily or permanently at any time. You agree that the Company shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification, alteration, suspension or termination of the Service.

8. Links

The Service or a third party will have the opportunity to provide links to other websites/resources on the World Wide Web/Internet. Since the Company has no control over the aforementioned websites and their related resources, you understand and agree that the Company will not be responsible for the existence, accuracy or availability of the above external websites or resources, and may exist or originate from the aforementioned websites or Any "content", advertising, products or other materials of the resources do not imply endorsement by the Company, and the Company is not responsible. You further agree that the Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect liability for any damage or loss arising out of or in connection with the use or reliance on any of the Content, goods or services of any of the aforementioned websites or resources. Compensation.

9. General Terms

These Terms of Service constitute your entire agreement with the Company and govern your use of the Service and supersede any prior agreements you have made with the Company. Your use of related services, third party content or software should also comply with applicable additional terms, conditions and regulations. These Terms of Service and your relationship with the Company are governed by the laws of the Hong Kong SAR Government of the People's Republic of China ("Hong Kong") and do not apply to its foreign-related legal principles. Both you and the Company agree to accept the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts. The Company does not exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms of Service and does not constitute a waiver of the foregoing rights or any rights. In the event that any provision of these Terms of Service is found to be invalid by the competent court, the parties agree that the court shall endeavor to make the parties' intentions reflected in the foregoing provisions effective and that the other provisions of these Terms of Service shall remain in full force and effect. You agree that no matter whether there are other provisions in any statute or law, the use of the Service or any claim or cause of action arising out of or relating to the Terms of Service shall be filed within one year after the occurrence of the above-mentioned claim or cause of action, otherwise it shall never be filed.

The title of these Terms of Service is for convenience only and does not have any legal or contractual effect.

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